“At IHÉS, a very international institute where Hélène Wilkinson was in charge of various development and communication projects, she was called to write or translate into English various documents, some of which were important to promote the Institute and its links to other organisations. I very much appreciated the care she took in finding the right word and also the most appropriate turn of phrase. She was always particularly careful to ensure that authors, often scientists, were happy with the expressions she chose in the translation, a process which required patience and tolerance, as the accepted terminology in a given branch of research can be misleading.”
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Former Director, IHES

“Hélène Wilkinson provided in record time a high-quality translation from French into English of a video document. It was a complex task (very specific vocabulary), and the result hit just the right tone, meeting our expectations entirely. “
Joel Bruandet, Editor in Chief

“Hélène Wilkinson has been working for a while with the Institut Henri Poincaré, famous for its research in mathematics and theoretical physics, located on the Curie campus, which has adopted an outreach policy these past few years. We worked together on a book, La maison des mathématiques, published by Cherche Midi, which has just been published in English and also on more institutional projects, relating to our activities with public and private sector partners. It was a real pleasure each time, thanks to both our working relationship and the quality of Hélène’s work. We will continue as part of the launch of the “house of mathematics” in 2020.”
Marion Liewig, Former Head of Communication and Development, Institut Henri Poincaré

“I was impressed by the quality of Hélène Wilkinson’s translation into English of the texts I had asked her to work on; these were difficult texts to translate and I would have been quite unable to undertake that work myself.”
Laurent Lafforgue, Fromer professor, IHES

“We entrusted Hélène Wilkinson with some translation work and are very happy with the quality of the service she provided, which met our expectations. Her work is meticulous and customised. In addition to her linguistic skills, Hélène is receptive and a pleasure to work with. She is responsive and kept to the schedule scrupulously.
We will gladly entrust her with our future translation work with complete confidence.”
Estelle Macabre, Head of General Operations and Communication, UGEI

“I cannot recommend Hélène Wilkinson’s translation services more highly. She worked with me on translating and copy-editing my English web texts into French. She has an exquisite and deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of both English and French and she uses these skills to deliver impeccably translated text. She is passionate about her work and is extremely talented.  Hélène is also grace under pressure when deadlines get short. Intuitive and intelligent, Hélène is a pleasure to work with on any language-related project.”
Emily Newfield, Global Executive Coach and Intercultural Trainer

“Dear Hélène, We’ve been meaning for a while to let you know how much we appreciated your work on our Histoires courtes.  Sub-titling is no easy matter as one has to be very precise (especially for math or physics texts!) and at the same time follow the pace of speech and image as closely as possible. And that’s not to mention the summarising required, as sentence length can vary considerably from one language to the next.
You managed to avoid all those pitfalls and we have had nothing but compliments on the quality of your work. Please forgive us for not having thanked you earlier, especially as we very much hope you will translate some of our new “Histoires courtes” as soon as we resume filming.
Gratefully yours, Anne Papillault & Jean-François Dars”