You may have heard of terms like textual and audio-visual translation, localisation, transcreation, post editing, etc. Below is how I describe the  services I offer. Do please get in touch if you need any more information.

Text-only translation
This is when you need an article to be translated into French or English for instance, or website content, a book and so on. The document to be translated is likely to comprise mostly text.

Text translation+
This might involve additional formatting and checking text from a spreadsheet, slides or a website editing interface. However, I leave graphic design (creating an image for instance or advanced layout) to the pros!

Proofing and revising
What I mean by proofing is catching mistakes such as typos and clear errors in dates, place names, amounts, translation and so on.

Revising also addresses issues of improved readability and fine-tuning the target text for the intended readership. Both these services can be applied to previously translated texts, including machine-translated texts, and to texts written by people for whom the target language is not their birth tongue.

If you need some help with producing high-quality copy in French or English, I can draw on my broad experience in a range of topics encountered in various industry sectors to draft impactful texts. Naturally, this will always be backed by preliminary research, for instance to ensure that the latest information is taken into account.

Audio-visual translation
I offer sub-titling services, typically in a corporate environment. I can also translate voice-overs.

In all scenarios:
It’s helpful when clients explain the purpose of the translation, who the intended audience is, whether there is any in-house terminology to be taken into account, etc. Nine times out of ten, it’s clear what’s needed and what the timescale is but it never hurts to check and make sure…

All materials entrusted to me are always kept confidential. More generally, I abide strictly by the rules set out in the SFT ethics charter.

A note on English: I’m British but American spelling is fine by me and I write in “international” English where required. If a more idiomatic language is required, I’m most proficient in British English! And as for French, I write it as it is written in France.