Other services


Editing an existing translation

If you’re not sure of the quality of a third party’s translation, or if you want expert advice and a fresh look on a text you have translated yourself, I offer careful proofing of the translated text, in order to improve it, if required. In my career to date, writing in both French and English has been a major feature and  I have extensive experience in drafting a wide range of documents, often technical in nature.

After checking whether the appropriate vocabulary and style have been used, and also whether the translation as a whole is a fair rendering of the original, I suggest amendments to the translated text, where necessary.

Editing a document written directly in the target language

The work here consists in correcting errors in syntax and spelling and also in improving  the drafting quality, where required. Amendment suggestions  can also include comments on the most appropriate writing style and removing Gallicisms or Anglicisms, as the case may be.

Editing services are offered for texts written in either French or English.

Language hotline

If you regularly need important emails to be edited or short documents to be translated urgently, I offer a hotline service for a quick turnaround time. We agree the level of work, the type of support you require and set up a time account, from which the services provided will be deducted, as they are provided.


Writing in a non-native tongue is no mean feat.  I offer the following services for your writing needs in both French and English:

Using any existing written documents and your instructions as a starting point, a detailed brief on your writing requirements determines both the communication objective and how the finished text is going to be used. I then prepare a draft for your review and finalise it after you have given me any comments you may have.

If what you need are just the essential elements of one or several documents, I summarise them for you, once we have defined together the desired length of the end document. The summary can then be translated into either French or English, as required.

Recording services

I offer voice recording services for English, French or bilingual audio documents (voice-overs, announcements etc.) I have a female voice with standard French or British English accent.



Please contact me so that we can discuss your project including fees.