About me

It’s never been easier to keep two cultures alive and well, wherever the physical location. I am constantly accessing books, films and all sorts of other media from around the French and English speaking world. This makes it easy for me to keep up with meaningful cultural references which feed into my translations.

I’ve always loved navigating my two birth languages, French and English. Mid-career, after a variety of positions and sectors, I decided to build on my experience in translation and turn it into a full-time activity. A few years later, I chose to broaden my skills base and added a Master’s in translation from ESIT (École supérieure d’interprétariat et de traduction in Paris, France) to my training portfolio.

Coming from a mixed French and British background, I’ve lived and worked in both countries. I was a consultant and manager in healthcare, higher education, the legal industry and in a research centre. Some of these positions involved translation work but I also learned about nurturing a good client relationship, working to a deadline and charging a fair price.