French lessons

A little more pronunciation practice, maybe?

Lessons for adults

The lessons’ main objective is to make students more proficient in speaking the language they’re studying, whether they’re complete beginners, want to brush up their skills or get help with their school or course work. Regular practice and confidence are key to achieving this.

Lessons therefore focus very much on oral practice and also provide, if the learner requires it, an introduction or a reminder of grammar rules. Each lesson is prepared to meet the learner’s objectives and also takes into account their initial language skills. A lesson can include:

  • Conversation: speaking, questions and answers
  • Work on pronunciation
  • Learning or revising grammar rules
  • Working from a variety of documents: podcasts, short videos, news articles etc.

Lessons can be an opportunity to discuss certain aspects of French or British culture, if this is of interest to students. In addition, conversation topics are selected to take into account student’s interests and hobbies.

Private lessons take place in the learner’s home. I am based in Bures-sur-Yvette.

Conversation classes for company employees and other organisations’ members

I offer one-to-one conversation classes for your company employees or organisation members. We define learning objectives together and I spend the first lesson evaluating the student’s language skills. I then prepare the lessons in line with the learning objectives and initial language skill levels.

Lessons can focus on a specific business sector or professional activity. Preparation will therefore take into account any need for specialised vocabulary, commonly used expressions in the specific sector etc.


For private lessons: hourly fee ; payment by “chèque emploi service universel” attracting income tax deductions is possible for lessons held in the learner’s home.

For companies: consultancy fee

Please contact me so that we can discuss together your learning needs and fees.