I provide accurate and carefully drafted translations. I very much enjoy writing, which is one of my strong skills. I also have extensive experience of working with specialised vocabulary in a range of business sectors and professional activities.

Examples of documents that I can translate include:

  • Brochures and other presentation materials
  • Reports
  • Service proposals
  • CVs
  • Website content

I can translate from English to French and from French to English to the same high level of quality. The golden rule in translation is always to translate into one’s own mother tongue. I’m lucky enough to have two.

There is no doubt that the quality of a translation can be improved if the author of the original text can be consulted, to check certain points that could be understood in different ways. As a freelance translator, I can enter into contact directly with authors, so that the translation does not suffer from lack of information or rely on any intermediaries, via an agency, for instance.

I ensure that your confidential documents remain strictly confidential and will send them via secure data transfer on request.


The fee is based on the number of words to be translated.